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            IEEE Member Discounts


            IEEE members can take advantage of exclusive and discounted pricing on insurance and a variety of products and services (where available) that can add up to substantial savings. Discover what IEEE Member Discounts can offer you.

            This program is offered exclusively to active IEEE members. Members can learn more about the geographic availability of certain member discounts and insurance in the IEEE Sponsored Discount FAQs.


            Learn about IEEE membership:


            Free IEEE webinar for IEEE members in the UK: Learn How Entrepreneurs and Consultants Can Protect Their Business and Reputation

            In this 60-minute workshop, Tapoly CEO Janthana Kaenprakhamroy hosts an insurance webinar, helping engineers to understand their industry insurance requirements. Attendees will receive all the tools they need to research and purchase the correct insurance products for their business and insure they and their clients are protected.

            IEEE members in the UK can register for the webinar (19 March 五福彩票专业版app).

            Sign in to Member Discounts Marketplace to learn more and to register for this event 


            Insurance that works for you.

            Being part of a group can really pay off. Thanks to your group’s buying power, as a member of IEEE in Canada you get access to exclusive 五福彩票专业版app and auto insurance rates with The Personal that are not available to the general public. 


            The Personal refers to The Personal General Insurance Inc. in Quebec and The Personal Insurance 五福彩票专业版app in all other provinces and territories. Certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. Auto insurance is not available in MB, SK, and BC due to government-run plans.

            IEEE members in the US and Canada can take advantage of the Dell Semi-Annual Sale under two separate member programs:

            Dell Small Business Program (US)

            • Semi-Annual Sale (5 March 五福彩票专业版app through 25 March 五福彩票专业版app)

            Dell Member Purchase Program Benefits (Canada) 

            • Semi-Annual Sale (28 February 五福彩票专业版app through 20 March 五福彩票专业版app)

            Group insurance plans

            IEEE’s member group insurance plans offer exceptional benefits, value and service. Active IEEE members in specified geographic areas may participate in insurance ranging from term life insurance, other life and health plans, professional liability insurance, auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance. In addition to the savings opportunities for members, IEEE may earn non-dues revenue from participating insurance providers. IEEE’s professional staff and Board of Directors review and approve the insurance plans and providers that are available to members.  

            Insurance is part of one's risk management strategy, at 五福彩票专业版app and at work. To learn more about a variety of risk management perspectives in business and engineering, see IEEE risk management resources.


            Personal and business insurance for the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico

            IEEE members in the US, Canada, (except Quebec), and Puerto Rico may participate in a variety of specially negotiated life and supplemental health insurance plans.

            Visit for complete details on all plans or call +1 800 493 4333.

            • Personal insurance
            • Business insurance


            Liberty Mutual auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance (US)

            IEEE members in the US can save on auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance through our discount program with Liberty Mutual.

            Sign in with your IEEE Account for details on this auto and 五福彩票专业版app program.

            Sign in to obtain a free quote (US):

            • Auto insurance
            • 五福彩票专业版app Insurance

            Travelers auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance (US)

            IEEE members in the US can save on auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance through our discount program with Travelers.

            Sign in with your IEEE Account for details on this auto and 五福彩票专业版app program.


            Sign in to obtain a free quote (US):

            • Auto insurance
            • 五福彩票专业版app insurance

            The Personal auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance (Canada)

            IEEE members in Canada can save on auto and 五福彩票专业版app insurance through our discount program with The Personal.

            Sign in with your IEEE Account for details on this auto and 五福彩票专业版app program.


            Sign in to obtain a free quote (Canada):

            • Auto insurance
            • 五福彩票专业版app insurance

            Group medical insurance for India 

            IEEE members in India who wish to purchase affordable medical insurance for themselves and their families may enroll in an insurance plan supported by IEEE.



            Sign in to view premium rates and access the enrollment portal (India):

            Eligibility requirements:

            • Must be a resident of India
            • Must be an active IEEE member in good standing at the time of enrollment and claim
            • Insurance may be in force as long as the plan is active, the member is eligible to be insured, and the premium is paid

            IEEE member travel insurance (US and Canada)

            IEEE offers travel solutions to IEEE members for protection and peace of mind when traveling anywhere in the world, for business or pleasure.

            The Gateway International Insurance Plans offer solutions for special insurance needs when traveling abroad. Plans are available to IEEE members in the US and Canada.


            (US and Canada):

            • Patriot Multi-trip coverage
            • Gateway International coverage
            • Patriot Platinum coverage
            • Sky Rescue coverage

            Discount programs

            IEEE’s member group discount programs offer group pricing on highly-rate products and services, to support members at 五福彩票专业版app and in their professional lives. Active IEEE members in specified geographic areas may participate in member group discount programs. In addition to the savings opportunity for members, IEEE may earn non-dues revenue from participating providers. IEEE’s professional staff and volunteer committees review and approve the discount programs available to members.  

            Dell small business (US)

            IEEE members in the US can take advantage of special member pricing from Dell. The Dell member discount applies to notebooks, desktops, servers, and printers, as well as thousands of electronics and accessories.


            Dell Member Purchase Program Benefits (Canada)

            IEEE members in Canada can take advantage of special Dell member purchase program benefits.
            The Dell member purchase program benefits includes a huge selection of PCs, electronics, and accessories, extra discounts off the lowest advertised price, and more.

            UPS discounts (US and Canada)

            Make the most of your IEEE membership. IEEE members in the US or Canada can take advantage of competitive rates on UPS® shipping.. 

            Save on a broad portfolio of services, including shipping (air, international, ground, and freight), get enhanced protection, as well as print and a wide variety of marketing materials online. Put the power of logistics to work for you.


            Sign in to enroll in UPS discounts (US and Canada):

            • Shipping
            • Enhanced protection on shipments
            • Printing and online marketing solutions

            GradFin (US)

            Save thousands on your student loans with GradFin.

            GradFin is a student loan platform that provides a comprehensive solution to help borrowers reduce their debt by refinancing and consolidating their student loans. 

            With GradFin, IEEE members in the US can customize their educational financing from planning to repayment.


            Sign in to learn more (US)

            • GradFin will negotiate the lowest rates through their 11 third-party lenders and IEEE member-exclusive, preferred-interest-rate programs


            IEEE Member Discounts Marketplace offers a changing variety of time-sensitive, exclusive discounts on products and services. Each participating vendor will specify where their product or service is available for purchase, be that on a national or regional level. These offers will not be available to the public. Offers expire in six months or less. 

            IEEE Member Discounts Marketplace

            Member Discounts Marketplace, a new feature of IEEE Member Discounts, will offer exclusive, time-sensitive discounts on products and services.  You won’t see these deals advertised anywhere else. Look for “Marketplace” banners when you login to IEEE Collabratec or /discounts. See what’s new in IEEE Member Discounts Marketplace this month.  



            Sign in to access these time-sensitive discounts.

            • Discount offers for IEEE members

            Discounted IEEE products and services

            IEEE members receive price advantages when they purchase IEEE products and services ranging from articles, books, ebooks, conferences, education and more. Find out how much you can save on some of IEEE’s most valuable offerings. Not a member? Learn more about reasons to join.

            IEEE members get a 35% discount on all Wiley Books

            The Wiley book collection, which includes all titles from Wiley-IEEE Press, spans numerous content areas, including bioengineering, power and energy, and communication technologies, among other growing areas of research.

            To get a 35% discount on all Wiley books, members can sign in to access the discount code. The code does not expire and has unlimited usage.


            Sign in to access the discount code.

            • IEEE members receive a 35% discount on all books published by Wiley-IEEE Press


            IEEE member digital library: Get comprehensive access with two great options 

            The IEEE Member Digital Library, brought to you via the IEEE Xplore® digital library, gives you instant access to all IEEE journal articles, magazines, and conference papers—the most essential information in technology today.   

            Learn more about the IEEE member digital library subscriptions.

            With two great options designed to meet the needs and budget of every IEEE member, simply choose the subscription that’s right for you:

            • IEEE Member Digital Library: 25 articles per calendar month
            • IEEE Member Digital Library Basic: Three articles per calendar month to stay up-to-date


            IEEE Society memberships

            IEEE Society members stay technically current, network with colleagues locally and abroad, and collaborate on research and projects with leading experts, all while taking advantage of specialized opportunities. Discover which Societies best match your technical interests by joining today to take advantage of membership benefits ranging from access to cutting-edge technical periodicals and conference discounts to educational resources and worldwide networking opportunities. In addition, IEEE members enjoy deep discounts on Society memberships.

            Learn more about IEEE Society memberships.

            • IEEE has technical Societies that provide benefits to members within specialized fields of interest 
            • Society memberships enable you to stay current within your chosen technology profession, keep in touch with your peers, and invest in your career
            • IEEE members can enjoy discounts on Society memberships


            Amazon Web 五福彩票专业版app and IEEE join forces to build businesses worldwide

            Amazon Web 五福彩票专业版app is proud to support IEEE Entrepreneurship community participants* by providing valuable benefits for your business. Learn how you can reduce costs and drive efficiencies to increase innovation across the globe.

            As an entrepreneur, you aren't afraid to act on ideas that can make an impact so visit the IEEE Entrepreneurship AWS Activate and take advantage today.

            *IEEE member number required.


            Visit the IEEE Entrepreneurship AWS Activate to learn more and activate Amazon Web 五福彩票专业版app.

            • Access up to US$15,080 in benefits for your business


            IEEE Risk Management (eLearning Course)

            In this tutorial, you will learn how to apply the concept of risk management to your business or organization in order to prevent exposure to the risks of loss due to various risk factors that are involved in engineering disciplines, such as: electrical, software, computer, environmental, mechanical, biotech, and even packaging.

            After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

            • Identify risk factors
            • Implement loss prevention techniques
            • Deal with changes in the risk management context


            Visit the IEEE Risk Management Online Course in IEEE Learning Network to learn more.

            • IEEE members receive a US$25 discount on this course
            • Meet your CEU and PDH requirements with this course
            • For questions on this course, please email discounts@.


            The IEEE Learning Network

            Engineer your future! Stay up-to-date with the latest trends to advance your career or improve your skills with the IEEE Learning Network (ILN). Discover educational content from across IEEE all in one place.

            ILN offers:

            • More than 800 continuing professional education courses created by in-demand industry experts
            • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for most courses
            • Discounts for IEEE members

            Learn the latest in engineering, technology, and more by visiting iln. today. 


            Visit iln. to learn more.

            • Discounts are available to IEEE members  

            Member Discount for Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issues

            Proceedings of the IEEE is the leading journal to provide in-depth review, survey, and tutorial coverage of the technical developments in electronics, electrical engineering, and computer science.

            The Proceedings publishes special issues on current hot topics. Take a look at our recent and past issues to see the range of topics covered. 

            IEEE members can now purchase print issues of  the Proceedings through the IEEE Pub Store at a member discount price.

            Sign in with your IEEE Account to access the discount code.


            Sign in to access the discount code

            • Discount code is available to IEEE members
            • For questions about the code, please email  proceedings@

            IEEE Car Rental Discount Program 

            The IEEE Car Rental Discount Program is available worldwide to members and employees of the IEEE.  You may book directly with the preferred car rental provider through the online booking tool.



            Visit the IEEE Car Rental Program to learn more. 

            • A list of preferred car rental providers are found in the IEEE Car Rental Program 


            Thank you for your interest in IEEE Member Discounts.

            If you have a question or comment, please send an email at discounts@.

            Or please share your feedback by completing a short questionnaire. Your input about IEEE sponsored discounts is valuable.  

            If you would like to help promote the Member Discounts Program, you can download the Member Discounts banners from the IEEE Promo Library and display the banner on your IEEE Section website.

            For membership related questions, please contact the IEEE Contact Center at +1 800 678 4333.


            For businesses looking to partner with IEEE as a benefit provider, please submit a vendor proposal form.